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August 10-16, 2015
Monterey, California
Please join us for a spirited drive through the most beautiful back roads of the Monterey Peninsula.  This event is open to all car makes and models.  The event will start at 11:15 am at Shoreline Community Church 2500 Garden Road Monterey.  Our journey through Carmel Valley will provide a wonderful scenic drive.  This event will last about 3 hours. We will conclude our rally at lolis' Pizzeria for lunch.  We are asking for a $10 donation per car to participate. All proceeds will be given to a Ukrainian Child Adoption Fund.  $10 donation does not include lunch.  Please use link provided to register. No onsite registration allowed. This event is free to spectators.

Event schedule

11:15 am.............Rally participants start gathering at Shoreline Church
12:00 pm............ Staging of cars
12:15 pm.............Rally drive starts
  1:00  pm........... First stop of the Rally
  1:15-1:30 pm... Leave first stop
  2:00-2:15 pm... Arrive at finish line,  Iolis' Pizzeria